Choosing Right: Which Wood for Your Kitchen Chairs?

We’re frequently asked here: what’s the best wood that can last the wear and tear of my family? This is a stacked inquiry truly. It relies upon many elements. How unpleasant is your family with your furniture? How frequently do you utilize the table (each night, other night, and so forth)? Is it accurate to say that you are just there to eat your suppers or do you utilize it for family social events as well? There are a considerable measure of components that play into which wood is the best wood for your kitchen Chairs.

We offer six unique woods to begin: Red Oak, Brown Maple, Cherry, Quartersawn White Oak, Hard Maple, and Hickory. We’ll go over which woods you ought to consider for your kitchen and which ones you shouldn’t consider. Every wood shifts and relying upon how you and your family treat for furniture will eventually choose precisely to what extent your piece will last you.

Woods You Shouldn’t Consider for Your kitchen Chairs

Presently, don’t misunderstand us. All that we offer is a strong American hardwood. They change a variety of ways however. Some are far more grounded than others improving them for specific pieces. There are two woods we don’t prescribe kitchen Chairs or office work areas. Those two woods are Brown Maple and Cherry.

The reason being the reason we don’t suggest Brown Maple and Cherry for kitchen Chairs, or office work areas, is on account of they’re the two gentlest hardwoods we offer. They’re sufficiently delicate to the point where in the event that somebody composes sufficiently hard at first glance, they can compose into the wood itself. Because of how much mishandle kitchen Chairs commonly observe these woods are sufficiently solid to take the everyday wear and tear.

Normally the main way we suggest both of these two woods for a kitchen Chairs is if the individual hoping to arrange the kitchen completely comprehends that the wood is of a gentler sort and not the best for a kitchen chairs. Another way is if there won’t be any more youthful youngsters and from an everyday premise it may be two individuals commonly utilizing the set. One noteworthy issue individuals keep running into while picking these woods for a kitchen Chairs is a larger part of the general population who looked for after this look are hoping to supplant their current set. The ones hoping to supplant their current set normally have an Oak kitchen Chairs they’ve had for a considerable length of time. The issue with supplanting that old Oak kitchen Chairs is you’re really minimizing the quality of that kitchen Chairs. While you’re getting more refresh look, the exchange off isn’t normally justified, despite all the trouble.

Darker Stains

Darker stains tend to indicate more hairline scratches. This runs no matter how you look at it with any of the forested areas we offer. The best analogy on what we’re discussing is envision an auto. Darker autos dependably indicate more scratches than lighter autos. Looking at this logically deductively as well, what happens is the greater part of the light gets sucked into the darker stain which makes the top appear to be more intelligent than it really is. Since kitchen Chairs see more mishandle than feasting sets you will see more hairline scratches. The silver covering however is these scratches are in the top coat and can be revamped which will dispose of any hairline scratches.

Woods You Should Consider for Your kitchen Chairs

The staying four woods are the ones we suggest for kitchen chairs: Red Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Hard Maple, and Hickory.

Red Oak

The best wood for the most value for your money is Red Oak. Red Oak is a walk and genuine wood for a kitchen. Red Oak is appropriate amidst strength among every one of the forested areas we offer. Because of its extensive grain it likewise covers up troubling better. The principle issue with Red Oak is the misinterpretation of the wood. An excessive number of individuals accept Red Oak just arrives in a brilliant nectar shading. Red Oak, alongside the majority of the forested areas we offer, can come in various stains going from blonde to dark. You can modernize the wood by running with a darker stain however hairline scratches will demonstrate more as specified some time recently.

Quarter sawn White Oak

Quarter sawn White Oak is awesome as a “bit of brain” sort of wood. Since all that we work with is a strong American hardwood you’re inclined to things like stickiness changes. Since the White Oak we utilize is quartersawned, it takes any mugginess changes superior to different woods. White Oak is scarcely more grounded than Red Oak so you’re not picking up anything in quality while evolving woods. What you will pick up however is a novel look.

Hard Maple

The two most grounded woods we offer are Hard Maple and Hickory. These are the kind of woods we suggest when you have either a super rambunctious family and you’re stressed over the life span of furniture. Hard Maple is the most grounded smooth wood we offer. With regards to Hard Maple, particularly on a cheap kitchen chairs, there are several things you will be aware of however.

The primary thing is the stain you choose. Darker stains tend to indicate more hairline scratches. This is more obvious on Hard Maple since there is no grain to help occupy your eye of any scratches.


Hickory is the hardest hardwood we offer. Hickory is ideal for any kitchen Chairs where you need to not stress over dings or marks to improve things. Presently the real thing to acknowledge with Hickory and whatever other hardwood we offer is that it is still wood. It is not indestructible and that dings and marks are inventible. Utilizing the auto analogy from prior if you somehow happened to strike an auto entryway into another auto entryway you’re practically ensured a gouge. Hickory however is the best wood where dings and gouges are less regularly to happen.

The greatest thing with Hickory, and Hard Maple, is dampness issues. Hickory and Hard Maple move the most because of mugginess changes so you require give careful consideration to it with these woods. Moistness issues don’t assume control night to happen. They commonly take weeks to months to happen. For whatever length of time that you are on top of it for the better part these kind of issues more often than not never happen.

Last Thoughts

There are various things that you have to consider while picking the correct wood for you next kitchen Chairs. When planning your kitchen Chairs, you might need to consider a more grounded wood relying upon how it will be utilized. Have any inquiries on your next set? Leave us a remark beneath!


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