Buying Amish Furniture: What the Big Box Stores Won’t Tell You

Amish furniture is detonating in fame at this moment! You’ve most likely observed the advertisements from the enormous box stores – they’re adding Amish offerings to their regular furniture line-ups. “Why?” you may inquire. This is on account of the traditional furniture store are a few seconds ago discovering what our furniture specialists have known for quite a long time – Amish furniture is a best purchase for quality and alternatives while being gladly Amish Made in America.


In the course of recent decades, there’s been an expanded accentuation on cost over quality. Be that as it may, following the lodging accident and subsidence in the late 2000s, we’ve seen more and more reaction against spending products with short life expectancies. Individuals are understanding that they’ll generally require furniture – why purchase an eating table that will go into disrepair in two years, on the off chance that you can get one that will most recent 20 years or more?


At most furniture stores, your alternatives are really restricted. You may look over various changed sets, however what number of decisions do you get? Typically, they’ll just offer one dresser size, or bed style, and seldom do you get the chance to pick your wrap up. What’s more, overlook slight adjustments – when furniture is processing plant made in Asia and dispatched abroad, it’s now bundled and sitting in a stockroom some place, simply holding up to be acquired.

On the other hand, Amish furniture is worked to-arrange, as well as hand-made, which means there’s a large number of alternatives accessible. Things like wood species, stain, and equipment (handles and handles) have an immense effect in the presence of your furniture, however there’s almost unlimited choices and redesigns for both the appearance and capacity of your furniture. See 50+ Ways to Personalize your Amish Furniture for illustrations.

Amish Made In America

We are pleased to convey just American-made furniture. Quality is a piece of it – made in America items are commonly produced at higher principles than numerous modest imports available. In any case, past that, purchasing American-made items is one of the best things you can do to help the USA economy. Your cash remains here in the US An and makes American occupations. What’s more, it’s something beyond our Amish experts – a buy from The Amish Home additionally bolsters American lumberyards, device and complete providers, shipping organizations, thus significantly more. Besides, it’s useful for the earth. Bringing in products from abroad is inefficient – think about the pointless oil use. Besides, numerous abroad assembling plants aren’t held to an indistinguishable natural principles from American products, implying that their preparing is frequently unsafe and vigorously contaminating.

Why purchase from The Amish Home?

Before you purchase from the huge box stores, we believe it’s certainly justified regardless of your opportunity to travel up to visit our showroom in the shopping center at Pittsburgh Mills. We’re Pittsburgh’s pioneers in legacy quality Amish furniture. Not at all like the famous ordinary stores that have included perhaps a few Amish skilled workers to their showroom, we’ve represented considerable authority in just Amish furniture for a long time now. We know our manufacturers on an individual level; we have met their families and as a rule have gone to their workshops and in some cases their homes. We’ve worked with this exceptional group for quite a while, so we know the most ideal approaches to speak with them to fulfill our clients’ needs. Our staff individuals are an extraordinary asset to enable you to comprehend the advantages of our amazing furniture, and additionally the accessible alternatives and custom capacities that our skilled workers can give.

Discussing our skilled workers, would you trust we have set up associations with 50 distinctive Amish manufacturers from Holmes County, Ohio? Most customary stores convey just a few. Every one of our manufacturers are a piece of the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Guild, which is a remarkable group in that they all to a great extent cooperate and bolster each other. The greatest part of this is institutionalized wood species offered in a choice of 30 confirmed stains. This implies you can blend and-match furniture from different developers and have everything completed together as a set. For instance, you may coordinate a bed from one manufacturer with a dresser from another, or maybe you need a work area in your lounge area to coordinate your table and seats. We show about each ensured mix of wood species and stain on full-sized furniture pieces in our showroom.

We Carry ONLY Genuine Amish Furniture

As of late, a customer came into take a gander at lounge area furniture. As we talked, she said that she had been to one of our rivals who was offering Amish furniture that was worked in Canada. Being comfortable with the store and its brands, our staff knew precisely what line she was discussing. It’s a decent furniture mark, strong wood with custom abilities, however it’s not Amish. This same store conveys an “Amish Highlands” room set that is really made in China. They show these accumulations alongside their certifiable Amish furniture, realizing that the Amish name is helping them offer substandard items.

Amazing Amish furniture is a speculation. Ensure you’re getting what you paid for. Stores that spend significant time in just Amish furniture, similar to The Amish Home, are your most logical option to ensure that you’re purchasing bona fide Amish furniture outlet.

We Offer Straightforward Pricing

I as of late went by one of Pittsburgh’s greatest furniture bind stores to see their choice of Amish feasting furniture. You know the store that has an incredible deal each end of the week – I won’t name names. I was overwhelmed by what they had imprinted on their sticker prices. All Amish feasting seats had a producer’s proposed retail cost of $800 per seat, however this store could offer the “inconceivable arrangement” of half off, or $400 per seat. That was quite recently the base cost – they were likewise running arrangements for 20% off in addition to 15% off in addition to X sum free furniture in addition to financing, and so forth and so on and so forth. The fact of the matter is, unless I had really experienced the whole deals prepare, I would have did not understand what I would really pay for this furniture.

At The Amish Home, we attempt to keep our valuing clear to everything. Our labels list costs for our most famous wood species, alongside important alternatives, with a highlighted cost demonstrating the show display precisely as it is appeared. We don’t imagine “analyze at” costs or attempt to persuade you to act now for an astonishing arrangement. We likewise convey items in a substantially more extensive value extend – for instance, our easiest feasting seat styles begin at $170 in oak, while our more resplendent styles can cost up to $500 in cherry.


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