How to Prevent Kitchen Chairs From Scratching Hardwood Floors

In the event that you are understanding this article you have most likely introduced another hardwood floor into your kitchen, or are hoping to shield the floor you as of now have from being scratched or torn by your kitchen Chairs. This article is going to let you know how to prevent kitchen Chairs from scratching hardwood floors.

image 1

Something you can do is to make seat leg covers for the extremely base of the legs. By putting leg covers on the base of the Chairs legs you will have the capacity to ensure the seats don’t scratch the hardwood floors. A pincushion is a case of a leg spread you could utilize.

In the event that you trim the finish off of four pincushions, evacuate the stuffing, and fix the edges back together, you can put them on the base of the Chairs. place the flexible alongside the edge of the fabric to make it tight around the seat you simply need to join a thin bit of versatile around the top edge.

Different things that you can use to cover the base of the seat legs are hacky-sack balls, little doll pads, or even tennis balls. You should simply cut a little partition off of the highest point of each of these things and slide them into the leg.

image 2

On the off chance that you are a more tricky individual you can make your own seat leg covers. All you are going to need is a little bit of a substantial fabric like felt, denim, or false hide. You should cut a 4″ width circle in any case. Take the circle and trim it by collapsing the fabric under a fourth of an inch twice and line around the stitch. Place a 8″ flexible strip by the edge of the fix and join around it.

You presumably are attempting to make the leg covers not recognizable and you most likely think a versatile strip is going to emerge. The best approach to keep the versatile from emerging is to shroud it inside the fix. The best approach to do this is before you sew the fix put the versatile beside the edge of the fabric. You should overlap the fabric marginally over the flexible. This makes the sewing more troublesome, yet shrouds the flexible.

image 3

Seat leg spreads are the most ideal approach to prevent kitchen seats from scratching hardwood floors. This article has given you a portion of the numerous approaches to make seat leg spreads to put over your seat legs. In the event that you take after these ways you will be headed to making the most of your hardwood floors without worrying about scratching them.


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